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16 Mar 20
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Buying a telescope can sometimes seem a pretty complex and involved process. There are so many aspects to consider: do you want a refracting or reflecting? What sort of magnification? Coated optics or multi-coated? Focal length specs? If you're like most, you just want a middle-of-the-road quality telescope with a proven track record.

There are several factors you will need to think about when you buy that first telescope.

26 Apr 20

When considering the purchase of binoculars, you will need to buy a quality product. A good pair of binoculars with appropriate magnification will cost about $250.

13 May 20

Aerial video shooting has emerged as a new trend nowadays so as to create low-altitude images with the help of remote-controlled lightweight helicopter drones.

13 Jun 20

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04 Jul 20
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35mm Film Cameras -- the Top 5 Reasons to Choose Film Over Digital!
Despite the instant gratification that digital imaging technology offers, many people are still clinging to the merits of the 35 mm film cameras and what these can deliver. Professional photographers generally advance two reasons why they choose film over digital photography.
12 Jul 20
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5 Photo Projects to Improve Your Photography Skills
It's not uncommon to find ourselves occasionally stuck in a rut. These ruts aren't limited to our day-to-day lives and can often crop up in our hobbies.
01 Aug 20
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8 Essential iPad 3 Accessories
With the new iPad 3 release comes the release of a number of accessories designed to enhance the user experience.
16 Aug 20
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A Beginners Guide to Camera Aperture
If you're just starting out learning photography, then you've probably noticed that photographers have a language all their own. Camera aperture, for instance, is one of those terms that gets thrown around quite a bit without any sort of real explanation.
17 Sep 20
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A Review of Various Camera Media Storage Types
Storage media cards for digital cameras come in many different types, sizes and capacities, however, all do the same job - they store images and data in an electronic format. Here's a guide to the most common formats.
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23 May 20
During the weekdays, you spend most of your time working as well as your spouse while your children are at school. This is a very common situation that almost all families are experiencing and this is perfectly fine. But, you should not forget that spending some quality time with your family is also important.
22 Jul 20
You can master digital photography once you have three things; the best camera, the best source of light and the right color. So if even if you own the best digital camera if you don't know how to make perfect shots then you won't get the quality you are looking for. Professionals in this camera world know that the best camera is only one of three things that you need.
05 Sep 20
It is not sufficient to merely have a personal computer in today's day and age. There are many add-ons and extras that people buy their pcs and the reason for this are many. Extras that people often purchase include web cams, external drives, surround speakers or a wireless keyboard, yet it is the humble printer that is still the most used.
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06 Jun 20
Choosing the right underwater camera, using the camera in broad daylight and in shallow waters, taking photos as still as possible, securing the camera near you, following depth recommendations, using it like an ordinary camera, and wearing clear protective eye wear underwater are some tips for using an underwater camera. Nothing can compare to the experience of underwater photography.
29 Aug 20
Getting great photographs of the world in motion is a difficult task. More than any other kind of photography, action photography demands lightning-quick reflexes, a solid foundation in composition and other photo elements, and a little bit of luck. However, anyone can learn to take great action photos if you're willing to invest the time and effort needed to understand the methods.
30 Sep 20
Got a Samsung Galaxy S6 and can't find enough ways to make your smartphone life even more awesome? Try these amazing Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories now:Case-Mate Karat Clear Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S6Want to give your Samsung Galaxy S6 a dazzling display of 24K gold? Try using the Case-Mate Karat Clear Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S6 in that case.
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