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March 16, 2020
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Best Telescopes To Buy

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Buying a telescope can sometimes seem a pretty complex and involved process. There are so many aspects to consider: do you want a refracting or reflecting? What sort of magnification? Coated optics or multi-coated? Focal length specs? If you're like most, you just want a middle-of-the-road quality telescope with a proven track record. Below, we've listed four of our favorite telescopes by optical industry legends, as well as basic tips on buying; to help you find just the right one for your home and family.

The Bushnell Voyager comes in reflector, refractor, and compact models, and is by far one of the best high-quality, high technology telescope brands in the optical industry. The reflector models offer resolute magnification, light-gathering technologies, 5mm and 27mm eyepieces, camera-adapting functions, and typically come with a carrying strap as they are the predominantly and conveniently portable model. The refracting Bushnell Voyager is a bit more expensive and less portable, but delivers better overall image quality; depending on your intended uses. The refractor models boasts about 5 times the magnification power, as well as light capabilities. They are also camera adaptable, have a finderscope, and zoom eyepieces. Either is an excellent choice, if you are looking for an affordable, quality telescope for casual but educational stargazing.

Galileo also offers top-quality, high performance telescopes; in reflecting and refracting models. The reflector boasts premium optics, powerful magnification, easy to navigate azimuth mounts, finderscopes, zoom eyepieces, and even easy-to-understand video tutorials. The refracting models also offer superior optical capabilities, finderscopes, zoom eyepieces, and azimuth mounts; plus 8 times the magnification and light-gathering technologies, interchangeable eyepieces, flip Barlow lenses, and interactive tutorials; again for a small price variance.

Two good choices are from Tasco: the Galaxsee Refractor or the Luminova Refractor or Reflector telescopes. The Galaxsee Refractor has an optimum magnification of 675, high light-gathering capabilities from a 60mm aperture, wide field of view, and equatorial mount for easy star tracking. Along with top quality resolution and accurate detail technology, the Galaxsee also boasts three premium eyepieces, red dot finderscope, and Barlow lens. The Luminova Reflector and Refractor by Tasco both offer superior optics, powerful 675 magnification, 4.5mm or 60mm objective lens, wide field of view, multi-magnification eyepieces, slow-motion controls, adept finderscopes, and equatorial mounts for easy navigation and viewing.

Things To Keep In Mind
Reflecting telescopes are slightly more cost-efficient than the more common refracting telescopes; but refracting telescopes typically boast way better optical accuracy and light-gathering technology.
Higher-powered magnification is not always better, if it is not balanced with a larger objective lens or aperture. The higher the magnification, the more detailed, but also the more dark and obscured.
The higher the focal length, the higher the magnification, and the narrower the field of view.
The larger the aperture or objective lens, the more light will be allowed and the higher the resolution (accurate details).
If the telescope of your choice doesn't come with a book or video tutorial; make sure to invest in one. It greatly helps while searching the skies for stars, planets, and constellations; to be able to name them.


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