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September 30, 2020
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Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories You Can't Ignore

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Got a Samsung Galaxy S6 and can't find enough ways to make your smartphone life even more awesome? Try these amazing Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories now:

Case-Mate Karat Clear Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S6
Want to give your Samsung Galaxy S6 a dazzling display of 24K gold? Try using the Case-Mate Karat Clear Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S6 in that case. Each of this case offers an amazing design with gold leaf highlights. What you get is a translucent and radiant finish you'll love to flaunt as a phone case. Additional features you'll get to enjoy is impact resistance and shock dispersion. In fact, there are color-coordinating metal button accents too. The case is ultra-slim, dual-layer design and comes with protective bumper. A design for the modern fashion conscious generation.

Speck Candyshell Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S6
Designed for those who want to carry less in their pockets every day. Time to get rid of your wallet and have it customized on your phone case in the form of this Speck Products Candyshell Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S6. The case includes a side-loading slot for up to 3 cards with a patented dual layer protection. This design works as an ideal case for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and not only looks good but also works as a handy protective shell for your phone. Overall, a slim profile you can easily slide in and out of your pocket but feel comfortable at the same time.

Wood Grain Samsung Galaxy Phone Case by VEASOON
The Wood Grain Samsung Galaxy Phone Case by VEASOON is the perfect way to protect your phone and showcase your style. Made of quality leather and soft plastic, this bendable phone case snugly fits and protects your phone. The slim materials give you a grip feeling so you're less like to drop your phone. Available for Galaxy S6 and A7 and in beige and brown, this phone case has a beautiful natural wood grain print. The shock absorbing shell will protect your phone if dropped and the edges around the case are raised slightly to keep your screen from cracking. Finishing the great design are perfect cut-outs for the buttons, speakers, camera, and all the ports. Ideal for any Galaxy owner, the Wood Grain Phone Case by VEASOON is sleek and stylish.

Jump Charging Cable by Native Union
An amazing cable + battery solution for your iPhone or Micro-USB device. The Jump Charging Cable by Native Union has been designed to provide your phone with a power boost no matter where you go. It's a perfect accessory you can carry for work, play or travel which can add battery to an iPhone 5S. That calls for around 3.5 hours talk time or internet usage on an iPhone or a Samsung S4. Using AutoCharge you'll be able to redirect power to charge the batteries present inside JUMP whenever your smartphone is fully charged. The durable and resistant nylon cables only makes the charging solution even more efficient.

Hipster Phone Case
Enjoy the efficiency of 3D printing on your phone. With the help of the Hipster Phone Case, you'll be able to add some personalized charm to your smartphone which not only looks good but is durable and lightweight too. This is one of those Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories which can fit your phone in a perfect way and keeps it safeguarded from impact and scratches that might occur due to everyday wear and tear. The case is available for all iPhone models as well as for Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 3 and Note 2. It's made out of hard plastic and bears a cool design you'd love to personalize your phone with. But not by compromising on its durability!


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