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When most people think of telescopes, they think of the tube-shaped refractor or reflector telescopes used by amateur astronomer. Others think big and remember that the great Hubble Telescope is out there in space, instead. In fact, there are these and many other different types of telescopes.The visual, or optical, telescopes have been around the longest.

29 Mar 20

Once Galileo discovered the telescope, there was a sudden leap from fantasy and legends to reality. And reality was so much more fantastic than the world had ever dreamed of. So quickly, planets and stars which were specks in the sky, some of them not even visible to the naked eye, came close and shared their secrets with us.

07 Apr 20

Battery Operated Lights. Battery operated lights have come a long way. Many people believe batteries are a fairly new invention. Did you know the first battery was invented in 1800? Or that the first flashlight was made in 1898? Now, those batteries were not the kind you and I think of today. They were actually quite unstable and not very reliable.

12 Apr 20

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These black and white photography tips will help you to recognize good black and white photo subjects and to be able to photograph and edit these for the best effects. Black and white photography is an excellent way to train the eye to recognize remarkable photo composition which is why so many photography courses and schools teach black and white early on.
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A lot of us really do not have the expertise we would like to for taking photos which are really worth exhibiting in picture frames on our office desktops. However, digital cameras are getting better and better, allowing everybody to take excellent snapshots.
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