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04 Jul 20
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35mm Film Cameras -- the Top 5 Reasons to Choose Film Over Digital!
Despite the instant gratification that digital imaging technology offers, many people are still clinging to the merits of the 35 mm film cameras and what these can deliver. Professional photographers generally advance two reasons why they choose film over digital photography. These two are the feel and look of the images rendered by film, characteristics most evident in movies.
12 Jul 20
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5 Photo Projects to Improve Your Photography Skills
It's not uncommon to find ourselves occasionally stuck in a rut. These ruts aren't limited to our day-to-day lives and can often crop up in our hobbies. Even the best photographers will find themselves stuck in their comfort zones, so it's important to force yourself to take on new and interesting projects. Here are five ways you can challenge yourself and test your photographic skills.
01 Aug 20
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8 Essential iPad 3 Accessories
With the new iPad 3 release comes the release of a number of accessories designed to enhance the user experience. The basic accessories for the iPad 3 include stylus pens, skins, screen protectors, anti-glare screen protectors, snap-on case, carrying case, 5 in 1 card reader plugin, AV adapter, cover with stand, and cover with a built in dock and keyboard.
16 Aug 20
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A Beginners Guide to Camera Aperture
If you're just starting out learning photography, then you've probably noticed that photographers have a language all their own. Camera aperture, for instance, is one of those terms that gets thrown around quite a bit without any sort of real explanation. Not to worry though, for we've compiled a handy beginner's guide to aperture that should help shed a little light on the subject.
17 Sep 20
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A Review of Various Camera Media Storage Types
Storage media cards for digital cameras come in many different types, sizes and capacities, however, all do the same job - they store images and data in an electronic format. Here's a guide to the most common formats.
22 Oct 20
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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 is one of the best softwares that you can come across as it helps you create astounding images that inform, delight and most of all inspire. The software helps in bringing out the best in every image shot with just a simple click adjustment as well as cutting-edge controls that are quite advanced as compared to other applications.
08 Nov 20
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An Insight Into USB (Universal Serial Bus)
Universal Serial Bus or (USB) is an Industry standard for connecting devices to a computer. Introduced in 1994, USB revolutionised the way devices such as printers and scanners could be connected to computers.There are currently 4 versions of USB: USB1 which transfers data at (1.5 Mbs), USB1.1 (12 Mbs), USB2 (480 Mbs) and launched in late 2008 was USB3 with speeds up to 5000 Mbs.
23 Nov 20
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Cool gift ideas for Dad
You don't need a special day to tell your father how much you love or respect him; but you can certainly choose a day to make him feel special and shower him with surprises and pleasantries. As we celebrate father's day on the first Sunday of September, the time is ripe to plan something special for the man who is responsible for making you what you are.
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